Mental Health At Work


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Mental Health at Work (MHAW) training will raise awareness of mental health issues, discuss appropriate language and challenge myths and assumptions in order to raise overall literacy around mental health.

This interactive training equips employees with knowledge and skills to have conversations about mental health, reducing the stigma by increasing awareness and challenging myths and assumptions and also by helping leaders to understand and comply with The Equality Act 2010. Training sessions are facilitated, practical and skills based and flexibly constructed around your organisation.



Suitable for all employees.
Information, awareness and organisational feedback.

Learning Outcomes:

– Understanding what mental health is
– Understanding the language of mental health
– Challenging myths and assumptions around mental health and mental health issues
– Knowing about risks and protective factors in the workplace


Suitable for HR Professionals, Line Managers and Executives

Learning Outcomes:

– Holding conversations about employee mental health
– Managing employee and team relationships during absence due to mental health related issues
– Making reasonable adjustments


Suitable for HR Professionals, Line Managers and Executives

Learning Outcomes:

-Developing skills to formulate and implement workplace mental health initiatives
-Establishing your workplace guidelines to comply with legal requirements
-Refining communication skills to facilitate dialogue about mental health and illness in the workplace

MHAW courses are bespoke in-house courses that can be delivered in your premises. For further information contact or call 020 7175 4083