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What’s the big deal about Mental Health First Aid?

What’s the big deal about Mental Health First Aid?

Most adults know what to do if they come across someone who is physically hurt. If it’s a cut we’d clean up the wound and put on a plaster. If it’s a suspected broken bone we’d either call for an ambulance, go straight to the accident and emergency department or go and see a GP. These actions are not controversial or complex, however when it comes to someone who is experiencing mental health issues or mental illness many people seem to not know what to do. We delay getting help by not taking mental health seriously, sometimes because we don’t even realise there is a problem. We may find it hard to spot the signs that someone needs help or we just don’t even know where to go for support.

Many of us would have received physical first aid training at some point in our lives. And for many others it’s a mandatory part of their job and it has to be updated on a regular basis. However, we are all coming to realise that physical first aid is not enough. We know that mental health issues are common and that one if four of us will experience a mental health issue in any one year. Recent research has also shown that one in four have financial worries that are so substantial that they affect their ability to do their job

What this and lots of other shows is that there are many people who could do with some help and support in managing their mental health. A Mental Health First Aid course is designed to help people spot the signs of mental health issues and mental illness and to help support a person to get the professional help that they need. A Mental Health First Aider is also able to signpost someone to a range of helpful resources that can help someone to take more control over their mental health.

My Life is My Business run Mental Health First Aid courses on a regular basis. Our open course mean that you will be able to learn in a group with people from various industries and walks of life. Our next course takes place on the 16th and 17th March 2017. This 2-day course is the full Adult Mental Health First Aid course and takes place at the Gestalt Centre in Kings Cross St Pancras.

February 20, 2017

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